Kissing is common among lovers during Valentine’s day. It’s a sign of love and a bridge of intimacy that can make any relationship strong. But before you kiss your partner this heart’s day, make sure that your mouth is in proper health. As you probably know, a kiss is more than just a wet peck on the lips.

The moment you kiss your partner, saliva is stimulated. Just imagine if you or your partner has poor dental habits! This can lead to the formation of unwanted germs – the breeding ground of potential illnesses and diseases.

Check out these important oral care habits for Valentine’s Day:

Cardinal Rules: Brush & Floss

Bacteria can be transferred through kissing or sharing utensils. You probably shared a spoon with your lover during your past dates. It’s imperative that you don’t forget about brushing and flossing. These are cardinal dental rules.

Care-free brushing can only remove minimal portion of bacteria. You need to do it for at least 3 minutes. The same thing can be said for flossing.

Bad Breath Be Gone

Bacteria are responsible for bad breath – this is why brushing and flossing act as controllers of bacterial growth. But sometimes, bacteria can push on. You should top off your brushing and flossing activities through the use of mouthwash or dental rinse. Nowadays, it’s easy to buy mouthwash but you mustn’t rely on it often! Use it sparingly, at least once per day. Otherwise, too much mouthwash can lead to dryness and gum irritation.

Let Your Smile Sparkle

Nothing is more attractive than a confident, sparkling smile. If teeth whitening makes you feel better and 100% confident, talk to your dentist whenever possible.  There are a number of over-the-counter teeth whitening products, or you could get a quick in-office treatment at your dentist’s office. Just make sure that the treatment is covered by a dental insurance plan so that you can minimize expenses. 

Stop Smoking Immediately

Smoking is bad for your breath and it can also cause teeth staining. On top of that, it will shatter your health in the long run. Keep in mind that people who smoke are 2x more likely to get oral diseases. So, this Valentine’s Day, you should commit to being cigarette-free – aside from being loyal and faithful to your partner.

Dental Checkups Matter

It’s important to build a good relationship with your dentist. By doing so, you can keep your teeth healthy and prevent numerous oral health problems and gum diseases. You can even ask your dentist for further oral care advice. 

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