Christmas is a great time for people to gather, have fun, and eat different kinds of delicious meals. It’s also the time where teeth-wrecking holiday habits develop or progressively get worse.

If you want to enjoy the holidays without worrying about toothache and tooth decay, this article will keep you informed.

The Teeth Basher: Eating Like No Tomorrow

Eating is the most common part of any holiday celebration. There are foods at every turn, making everyone cheerful and happy. While you can taste as many viands as you can, you shouldn’t devour them like there’s no tomorrow. It will make you look a real glutton and your teeth will face tremendous pressure.

After every meal, you should try rinsing them with water. This will neutralize the acids in your teeth and mouth.

Drinking Uncontrollably

You probably heard about drunken holiday stories and quick tales of people who attempted to get sober. While there’s nothing wrong with drinking a specific liquor brand, you shouldn’t drink like a king who returned from a war.

There are two main observable factors when it comes to drinking uncontrollably. The first factor is the amount of time spent drinking. A whole day of chugging beer will cause your teeth’s enamel to break down faster than they should be. The second factor is the combination of drinks in a party or gathering. You should only drink one type of liquor so that your teeth won’t drown in acids.

Binging on Heavy Sweets

During holidays, sweets are virtually anywhere. It’s easier to find candy canes and candy socks than to understand the real meaning of Christmas. Driven by the holiday craze, many people love to binge on heavy sweets like toffee and chocolate.

A chocolate bar won’t destroy your teeth in one instance. But if you love to eat multiple choco bars in an hour, then your teeth are in peril. After the holidays, you might want to take a trip to the dentist. The solution is simple: limit your sweet intake. You should also eat sweets through intervals – not in one sitting.

Smoking to Chill and Relax

Aside from food and drinks, cigarette sticks and cigars will pass hands from one party to another. Smoking is a popular activity during normal days but it’s even more frequent during holidays.

If you rely on cigarettes to relax, you need to a habit check. Nicotine will stain your teeth continuously, and the damage is partly irreversible. Smoking will also make you look older and more tired. Basically, a cigarette stick is a double whammy against your dental health and overall health.

Using Teeth as Multi-Purpose Tool

The teeth are powerful, and humans are capable of unleashing a bite force that can make a horse cry. Despite their power, teeth are only meant for chewing and pre-digesting most types of food. During the holiday season, however, many people use their teeth as multi-purpose tools to open bottles and bite stuff away.

It’s important to use your teeth appropriately. They are not tools. With just one wrong move, a tooth might get chipped or fall off. Your gum might even get sore. The injury risk is just not worth it.


Removing the discussed holiday habits will not guarantee a better-looking teeth as the years go by. However, you’ll be able to raise your odds and increase the overall rate of your dental hygiene. Just enjoy the holidays and don’t go overboard!

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