At Kitchener Dentist Lancaster Dental, your trusted Dentist, we are always at the forefront of adopting innovative technologies that enhance patient care and comfort. We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our suite of dental care technologies – the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master. This cutting-edge device represents a significant leap forward in dental prophylaxis, offering a more effective, comfortable, and efficient way to maintain oral health.

What is the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master?

The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is a state-of-the-art dental cleaning device developed by EMS, a leader in dental and medical technology. It’s designed for professional use in dental prophylaxis, focusing on preventing dental diseases and promoting overall oral hygiene. Using a unique combination of air, water, and fine powder, the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master offers a minimally invasive cleaning experience that is unparalleled in the dental industry.

How Does It Work?

The genius of the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master lies in its Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) technology. This approach to dental cleaning uses a mixture of air, warm water, and a specially formulated erythritol powder that is gentle on the teeth and gums. The device effectively removes dental plaque (biofilm), stains, and early tartar build-up with precision and gentleness, reaching areas that traditional cleaning methods might miss.

The Benefits of AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master

Gentle on Teeth and Gums: Unlike traditional scaling and polishing, the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master provides a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience, making it ideal for patients with sensitive teeth, dental implants, orthodontic appliances, and other dental restorations.

Efficient Cleaning: The device is capable of removing up to 100% of dental biofilm in a fast and efficient manner, significantly reducing the time required for dental cleaning appointments.

Enhanced Patient Comfort: With its minimally invasive technique and adjustable settings, such as water temperature and powder flow rate, the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master ensures a comfortable experience for all patients.

Improved Oral Health: By effectively removing plaque and preventing tartar build-up, the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal oral health, preventing gum disease, and ensuring the longevity of dental work.

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At Kitchener Dentist Lancaster Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of care using the latest dental technologies. The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is a testament to this commitment, offering a revolutionary way to achieve and maintain oral health.

We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Whether you’re due for a routine cleaning or looking to enhance your oral hygiene routine, the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master can provide you with a dental cleaning experience like no other.

Call our office today at 519-578-9670 to learn more about the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master or to schedule your appointment. Let us help you take the first step towards a healthier, brighter smile with the latest in dental prophylaxis technology.

Welcome to the future of dental care!

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